Feminism has a proud history in this country.  From abolition to the temperance movement to the great broadening of women’s rights in the 1960s, the women of America led many of the great political and societal changes in this country. History should be respected and the Network celebrates that past. But feminism in America has evolved as the concerns and needs of women changed. 

The feminist movement of past generations no longer resonates with many women living in the MidWest today. Real women, MidWest women, from young to old, are facing real challenges.  Women need real advocates, they need a channel to give them a voice and a Network that allows women to advocate for themselves. 

This country needs a new, updated feminist movement – a 21st Century feminism that resonates with a modern woman.  For a feminist movement to advocate for ordinary women, it must be in sync with MidWest women.  And that starts by listening.