Welcome to the Network 

The MidWest Women Network is a non-partisan, grassroots sororal organization that promotes the health, safety and liberty of women everywhere, and in particular the women of the MidWest United States. 

When women ban together, we can do amazing things, even when the powers that be want us to shut up and sit down. You may feel disconnected from things that are happening in the nation or world, and the people who currently hold the reins of power want you to feel helpless and unable fix your country. But by joining MWWN you will now be part of the solution and your voice will join the voice of lots of other women.  

MWWN is political but non-partisan.  Politics has become shouting and crossfire, and no one is listening.  MWWN wants you to develop personal and professional friendships and become an engaged member of the community.   

MWWN members’ voices will not shout, but together we will amplify the voice of MidWest Womeso others will know our needs and concerns.  Whether you are running your own small business, working for a paycheck, or your current job is mother, MWWN can link you with resources to help you accomplish your goals and connect you to a community. MWWN members come from all walks of life and are committed to mentoring and helping women at all stages of their lives.

Connect with women in your community to make new and lasting friendships. Network members want to listen to your concerns. The Network is open-minded, friendly and helpful, so join us at a meeting. 

When everyone else is shouting, listening is revolutionary.