What does MWWN do?

Professional and personal networking 

Midwest Women Network will help organize local meetings of concerned women and will support a growing number of local chapters that each organize recurring meetings.  The Network can help provide speakers and topics for local meetings.  Some topics will be serious, others informative and sometimes just fun.  

Organized, amplified political voice  

As members meet and listen to each other, they will build a Network with the power to transform our country.  By listening to each other, women can begin to bridge the political divide.  Our collective voices will amplify our message and focus the political debate on the issues that actually matter to MidWest women. By building new relationships, women can begin to break down the ignorance that fosters intolerance.  This all starts with meeting and listening. 

MWWN will also provide: 

  • Career advice and support 
  • Personal and Social relationships 
  • Experienced support for life events 
  • Tolerance by exposing women to different viewpoints 

As the Network grows, MidWest women will have a civic and professional network. The Network will be involved in political campaigns where together we can have an impact on issues we care about.  Network members will work together to provide women the resources to succeed.  Women will not fully realize equality until they organize and support each other.